Advocate staff photo by BILL FEIG -- Raegan Carter with Planned Parenthood of Louisiana, speaks at the lectern as abortion rights advocates rally in front of the Governor's Mansion Thursday morning June 2, 2016, in response to anti-abortion legislation that has passed this session.


Linda Kocher's letter of Jan. 10 leaves me icy cold and weeping. "A child only exists after birth." An unbelievable statement.

In this argument about when life begins, maybe there are some things we need to thoughtfully consider.

You were smaller as an embryo, but does body size determine value? Of course not! Infants, toddlers, teens, athletes, petite women.

Does one have more value than another based on size?

You were less developed as an embryo, but infants are less developed than teens physically and mentally. Teens are less developed physically and mentally than 40 year olds. Do we think they have less value?

Where you are has no bearing on what you are. Does an 8-inch journey through the birth canal change the essential value of the unborn?

You depended on your mother for survival, but does dependence on another determine value? Consider the disabled or conjoined twins or the elderly.

"Women are real people," she states. Who questions that? The argument here has nothing to do with the realness of women. Women may do whatever they wish with their bodies. No argument, though some of those choices may not turn out so well and some of those choices are illegal. But if you are pregnant, the argument changes. You no longer can think only of your wants, needs and desires. There is another life at stake now.

There are dangers, risks and consequences to abortion. Look at the statistics. And, if you think them to be unproven science, talk to those who are bearing the burden of having ended the life of their children. Their pain and guilt are heavy burdens to bear. I pray these women (and don't forget the men involved, and the grandparents and siblings) who need the healing and forgiveness and comfort found only in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With acknowledgments to the Colson Center for Christian Worldview: One day, may abortion in our nation not only be illegal, but unthinkable.

Molly Davies