A Germanwings flight from Spain to Germany crashed in the French Alpines, when the pilot left the cockpit for a bathroom break while the co-pilot took over. When the pilot came back, the co-pilot had locked him out and grounded the plane. Reasons for his actions are still unclear.

Authorities tell us that it is probably not terrorism, but rather mental illness. Apparently, he passed the mental testing to become a pilot, which leaves the question whether this testing is enough. This plane crash has to be a wake-up call for the rest of the world to raise awareness on mental illness.

This underestimated illness needs further research so we can be able to detect it. Anyone, not just pilots, needs to be able to get help because it is a serious problem. The only thing we can do about this tragic event is learn from it and not let the same mistake happen again.

Anne Werum


New Orleans