From Bobby Jindal crawfishing on Common Core for selfish reasons to Ray Nagin’s sentencing, there’s a lot going on right now. But what is going on with the superintendent search for the Orleans Parish School Board? I’m disturbed that I haven’t heard anything about it in a while. As a parent, I feel that the length of time it is taking to find a superintendent is ridiculous. Being without leadership upsets the checks-and balances-system required for excellence and leads, inevitably, to failure.

It is imperative that this be addressed as quickly as possible! We parents got together and gave the school board guidelines about the type of leader we need: a person of integrity who understands New Orleans culture and can cross the teacher/parent barrier; someone who is devoted to the welfare of our children and their education; and one who is not interested in the position for political gain. We need someone who has worked in education on many different levels and can bring innovative ideas to the board. We must have someone who is fair and will not look to curry favor but who will make tough decisions to give our children the tools they need for success.

Either way, the School Board must make a decision on our new leader without delay. But I urge: Choose a serious, conscionable, upstanding leader for our children and schools! Give our kids what they deserve: a highly qualified leader with their best interests at heart.

Kimya Bishop-Cole

parent leader, Stand for Children

New Orleans