Shame on Mayor Kip Holden.

I have personally known Police Chief Dwayne White for about 35 years. I cannot disagree that he is a stern leader. People must also take into consideration that the BRPD has been in shambles for years. I was one of the founding members of the union. I was harassed, and I paid a heavy price for being a part of forming the union. The union has been the driving force to bring the BRPD up to national standards. However, the union has been way out of control for years.

In my opinion, the union could not care less about the people living in poverty-stricken, crime-riddled areas where the residents live in constant fear for themselves and their children. The union is not about police work. It is all about maintaining a safe and comfortable work atmosphere for its members. That is what unions do.

Somehow, someway we need to find a balance between the union, the officers and the chief.

I do not personally feel that Chief White was given a fair chance and a fair amount of time to prove himself one way or the other.

Bob Seale

retired police officer