Let’s review what is before us.

Two-time felon Theltus Williams refuses a jury trial to let state District Judge Laurie White decide his fate for selling large quantities of heroin and cocaine from a drug house in New Orleans. In a pretrial hearing, Judge White bars prosecutors from using evidence showing that DEA agents found $27,000 in cash, including marked bills tracking drug deals, in Williams’ home on the grounds that the warrant was “stale.”

Despite eyewitness accounts, video and audio evidence showing Williams selling large quantities of heroin and cocaine from that house in New Orleans, and presentation of the $27,000 she tried to prevent from entering into the trial, Judge White acquitted Williams under “reasonable doubt.” Reasonable doubt that she did not explain. Her words, “… the evidence left me with reasonable doubt. The law requires that I return this not guilty verdict.” She tells Williams to consider the acquittal “a legal gift.”

Judge Laurie White appears obligingly generous with her gift. Perception is that she may have received a reciprocal gift in return for her generosity. There should be a “reasonable doubt” to that possibility, but perception is reality to a lot of people. The alternative view is that this is incompetence from the bench. Either way, it’s disgusting and must be removed.

Wade Perrin

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