LSU committed the most basic error in its survey about support for Medicaid expansion in Louisiana. The survey did not pose the question in a neutral manner, and that ruined the accuracy of the survey. In fact, with information given in the question, everyone should support Medicaid expansion: “As you may know, Medicaid is a program to provide health coverage mostly to low-income individuals. Last year Louisiana expanded its Medicaid program to provide health care coverage to more people. Do you approve or disapprove of the state expanding its Medicaid program?” It is telling that some opposed Medicaid expansion, in spite of the positive spin in the question. They must have understood that Louisiana cannot afford Medicaid, even before expansion, and that it is a wasteful way of providing health care that gets very poor health outcomes. The polls that mattered about the issues of Medicaid expansion in Louisiana and Obamacare, were the elections in November, 2016 and in December, 2016. If a majority of Louisiana voters really wanted Medicaid expansion, they would have voted for Hillary Clinton for president and for Foster Campbell for the U.S. Senate. LSU and The Advocate should conduct and publish a new, more accurate poll. The Advocate also should provide the voters with a more balanced view of Obamacare and Medicaid expansion.

Scuddy LeBlanc

retired extension educator