Many letters have appeared in The Advocate which attempt to paint tea party members as “radical-right tea partiers.”

The progressives seem unwilling to admit that the tea party is a movement of Republicans, independents and Democrats, all middle-class Americans who are tired of paying more than our share of income taxes.

Today, 50 percent of Americans pay no income tax and the rich have tax breaks that should be removed. There is nothing “radical-right” about wanting a change in our nation’s spending and taxing policies.

First, balance the budget.

All citizens should pay the federal income tax. There should be no tax breaks for anyone so that rates can be lowered for all.

We should employ brackets of $5,000, starting at 1 percent on the first $5,000, moving to 2 percent on the second $5,000 and so on. It would cap out at 25 percent.

Progressives fear the influence of the tea parties because of the common-sense economic ideology for which they stand.

Ernie Alexander

retired state representative