You may think the situation in the Middle East is messy today. Just wait till after President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran is made. And before long, Iran will surprise the world with her nuclear test. That would set off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East; Saudi Arabia will pay any price for nuclear weapons, and so will Turkey and Egypt. Who knows what Israel will do, since she is Iran’s first target?

It is no secret President Obama wants to make a nuclear deal with Iran as a legacy in foreign affairs. Bad idea! He could do better.

Actually, he could have his shot in greatness in foreign affairs equal to FDR, who led to victory in World War II, and Ronald Reagan, who led the end to the Cold War, had he seized the historical opportunity of the 2009 Iran crisis of 30 years in the making, to give help to those unarmed Iranian citizens in the mass demonstration against election fraud by the government. They were beaten and murdered in the streets by the ruthless police forces. The violence shocked the world. The leaders in the West all loudly condemned the Iran regime and looked to the U.S. for leadership to help those poor people in great danger. Unfortunately, President Obama couldn’t bring himself to rise up on this rare occasion to take on an oppressive and corrupted regime, which was killing those pro-democracy young people in their life-and-death struggle for free elections and government reform.

In fact, they could have toppled the regime with just a little help from the U.S. because the regime was losing control of the mass demonstration for days. And it was for the first time since 1979 that the regime had ever faced such a serious threat from within. Too bad President Obama shied away from the task of shaping Iran’s future as a democratic country because his liberal socialist ideology and agenda deafened him to hear the urgent call for help — and blinded him to see the importance of the U.S. leadership role in world peace.

All leaders in the West know that the Middle East is the most dangerous trouble spot of the world. Iran is the major player in that. When President Obama had the real opportunity to do something about that during the 2009 Iran crisis, he just passed on it — with no concern for those pro-democracy young Iranians, under attack by ruthless police forces.

Had he led to help change the Iran regime to a democratic state during the crisis, we would have a new Middle East with a scenario like this: The Syria regime, which depends on Iran for survival, would follow the change like Iran. Now, without Iran and Syrian regimes in 2009, Russia and China would have no role to play in the Middle East, and terrorists would have lost two state sponsors. More importantly, the long-hostile relations between Israel and Palestine and between Sunnis and Shiites would have improved and changed for the better. All this could have been Obama’s legacy had he known how to lead like other great leaders with bold world vision and moral courage to do the critical, right thing for the world and mankind.

Chris Hsu

retired state employee

Baton Rouge