Timmy Teepell’s recent letter wherein he accuses The Advocate editorial board of a lack of intellectual reason for opposing small government conservatism asks a question that deserves an answer. Why do we take money from the pockets of some people and put it into the pockets of others?

The most important answer to that question is that a lot of people (in fact, a large majority of Americans) feel that it is immoral for the richest country that has ever existed to allow a small group of people to own almost everything while children living in poverty starve. The general principle behind this is fundamental to all of the great world religions.

However, if the morality of the situation doesn’t appeal to Teepell, I can provide a more “intellectual” reason for raising taxes — particularly on the rich, since they are the ones with all the money.

There is no evidence whatsoever of any kind that supports the conservative claim that supply-side economics (or “voodoo economics” as the very wise George H.W. Bush called it) has a positive effect on the greater U.S. economy.

As it turns out, businesses and rich people will create jobs right up to the point that it stops being profitable to do so. If they don’t have the cash to hire, they will borrow it if, by having more employees, they will make more money.

As proof of this, I would like to point out that U.S. businesses currently hold about $2 trillion in cash reserves. And that is just the money that we know about.

Moreover, a recent study showed that the richest among us save over 35 cents of every dollar they earn. The average rate is more like 5 percent.

This doesn’t sound like folks who are overly eager to create jobs.

On the other hand, if we spend our taxes on roads, bridges, schools, libraries, health care, research, etc., everyone benefits.

If you want to see jobs created in a snap, just watch the government take on a project like building the Hoover Dam or landing a man on the moon.

The other purpose of Teepell’s letter was to defend the actions of his ex-boss, Bobby “Thank God He’s Gone” Jindal. Just look at Bobby’s travel itinerary for the last two years he was in office.

While Louisiana was floundering, Bobby was busily campaigning in New Hampshire, Iowa — anywhere, in fact, BUT Louisiana.

He was a male Sarah Palin but without the good grace to resign from a job that he wasn’t doing.

Anyone who doesn’t see this for the abandonment that it was is either in deep denial or a shill for the far right.

Michael Hale

IT consultant

Baton Rouge