I was about to suggest a commemorative stamp honoring the highly intelligent and educated black dancer Katherine Dunham, when research revealed that she will be on a stamp in 2012. I am glad to see her so honored. She raised dance to a high art form and created the first serious black dance company in America.

When I was teaching at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, we were honored to have Dunham as our guest. She was a fine, well-spoken lady who refused to be dragged into any discussion on racism, even though in her day she frequently was a victim of it.

Another dancer scheduled for a 2012 stamp is José Limon, a Mexican who created a world-renowned modern-dance company.

As a child I was fortunate to take a master class from Limon. Because of his name I was expecting some sort of Spanish dance, (I was really young!), but Limon was a serious modern dance artist.

My favorite work of his is, “There Is a Time,” based on the famous Bible quote from Ecclesiastes.

Not all dance involves booze and poles. I am proud the U.S. Postal Services recognizes that fact and is honoring some true dance artists.

Sarah Stravinska

retired ULL professor