In order to grasp what the Occupy movement is all about, perhaps it is first necessary to understand what it isn’t. I am speaking for myself and do not claim to speak for anyone else.

• An anti-capitalist movement: This is not an anti-capitalist movement. What is anti-capitalist is bailing out industries that produce inferior products (which is why a lot us are protesting, by the way!). I am also strongly opposed to the capitalism that leads to profit via exploitation of people here and overseas, and also the exploitation of our natural resources. I want nothing to do with that kind of capitalism.

Capitalism is an incredible system. Creativity and ingenuity leading to profit? That’s amazing. But when morality and ethics are phased out, and greed and exploitation are phased in, we should take a step back and fix it.

• A liberal hippie movement: Many in attendance at the Baton Rouge movement on Oct. 22 were self-proclaimed, hard-core conservatives. The corporate media have strategically portrayed this as a movement for leftists. In the United States, making a movement a partisan issue is an effective way to make a large group of people automatically feel excluded. This is for everybody. This is about you and your hard-earned money that is being spent frivolously and disrespectfully. This is not a partisan issue. It’s much bigger than that.

• A movement put on by people without jobs: Most in attendance on Oct. 22 were hard-working, educated individuals. I, for one, have completed college and I will graduate with a master’s degree in December. I work and study full time, and I would argue that most at the movement on Oct. 22 have similar stories.

What the movement is about is demanding respect of our money and attempting to phase out politicians without our best interests in mind.

It’s about corporate greed leading to exploitation of people and resources. It’s about demanding campaign funding transparency so we can truly determine who our politicians are serving. We are not marching on Capitol Hill because the purpose of this movement is to demonstrate that people everywhere are dissatisfied with the way things are going.

The bottom line is, you will never know what the movement is about by simply believing your television. Come out for our next event and find out for yourself. All are welcome. You’ll quickly realize how the media are misconstruing this.

Jenny Andry

graduate student

Baton Rouge