Louisiana’s citizens should be aware of the message Gov. Bobby Jindal and the Legislature are sending to America if they usurp the power of the levee authorities and kill the lawsuit filed by the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East against a number of oil companies via means of legislation that is effectively retroactive (“Deal would derail coastal lawsuit”).

If this comes to pass, the message is clear and succinct: 1) The oil industry effectively owns Louisiana’s state government; 2) The oil industry is above the law in Louisiana, or alternatively, any rule of law that applies to the oil companies here can be overturned at their whim regardless of public sentiment; 3) Louisiana will attempt to make all taxpayers, both state and federal, pay for the damage that oil companies did to our fragile coast, despite the fact that these companies were legally obligated to repair the damage and profited from it; 4) Our great state is seeking billions in federal dollars to restore our rapidly vanishing and vital coast solely on the backs of taxpayers instead of the corporations that profited from its destruction.

But federal and state taxpayers will not want to pay for oil company contractual obligations that Louisiana’s state government refuses to enforce — and why should they?

Our “leaders” are sinking our coast in favor of big money and showing their true and unending nepotism for the oil and gas industry, at great cost to us.

Jeffrey Dubinsky

computer consultant

Greenwell Springs