Whether you love Les Miles, hate him, or fall in between, whether you think he is a bad coach, a good coach, or a great coach, whether you think he should keep his job or not, if you care anything about the old-fashioned values of class, character, integrity, leadership, loyalty or principle, you have to hate the way the LSU administration handled the recent controversy about his job.

I suppose it is possible that having to deal with the governor and Legislature on budget matters has stripped members of the administration of the principles and values that should have been requirements for their employment. If they feel that Miles has not done the right things as coach, they need look no further than their respective mirrors to find much worse examples of doing things the wrong way. If doing things in a manner that reflects poorly on the university is reason for termination, there should be quite a few nervous people on the board and in the administration.

Justice would be served if Miles quit after the bowl game and no one else would want to come to such a leaderless environment but, even though I have never met him, I suspect he has too much class, character, integrity, loyalty and principle to do that.

Bo Bienvenu

former business owner