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Gov. John Bel Edwards announces his intent to call a special session to deal with the fiscal cliff starting Tuesday May 22nd and ending June 4th as part of legislative action Monday May 14, 2018, in Baton Rouge, La. Plans are for the regular session now meeting to adjourn Friday May 18th.


The fiscal cliff, before the federal tax cut scam, was about a billion dollars. According to sources at the time, former Gov. Bobby Jindal cut business taxation by about a billion dollars per year. Businesses got this corporate welfare because they promised to grow their businesses and create jobs. There was a recent report that Louisiana’s economy is shrinking and is the worst in the nation. The corporate welfare queens have broken their promises by not growing sales and employment and don’t deserve the tax breaks they are getting. If the Legislature would cancel the undeserved tax breaks, restoring taxation to pre-Jindal level, the fiscal cliff issue would be resolved.

Guest column: Tax hikes hurt state economy

And the lack of growth is not just because oil and gas prices are down. There are lots of states with big oil and gas that are doing better than Louisiana.

The GOP also cut taxes on the wealthy people they call job creators. They also are not creating jobs and should be paying their fair share of taxes.

Ted Hansen