I hope our state legislators will defeat Gov. Bobby Jindal’s proposed state sales tax hike. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney told us how the Republican Party does not care for the poorer 47 percent of the population, and now we know our governor is of the same thinking and not really out to reform the way the party thinks. Gov. Jindal brags about all the great industry that he has attracted to Louisiana under our current tax structure, and now he says it is a hindrance to attract industry.

He was against raising taxes on cigarettes, now he is for it. I wonder if his tax proposal is really to do his rich corporate friends a favor, so they will contribute to his future political campaigns, at the expense of the vast number of poor and working people in our state.

Additionally, from my point of view as a retailer, it will encourage many consumers, especially for major financial purchases, to shop on line from out-of-state vendors to save the exorbitant sales tax. This hurts local retail workers and local sales tax collections.

I hope the state legislators will defeat Gov. Jindal’s injurious tax proposal.

For the record, I am a registered Republican.



New Orleans