The United States, a system of freedom designed to protect the innocent and provide fair trials for the guilty, knowingly executes criminals who do not deserve death.

People found guilty are put on death row but later proven innocent. Because the government should not have the right to take human life, these types of mistakes should not be made in the current system of government.

Making decisions for the rest of the country continues to be a tough decision, but making morally right decisions becomes even more important and will make society better as a whole. Because the government holds the power of decisions made on the death penalty, mistakes can be made, and sentencing any person to die by the hands of another is unethical.

Many people believe that the death penalty stays acceptable and should be used throughout every state. Those people believe the death penalty gives closure to victims’ families who endure pain because of the criminals’ wrongdoing. Killing another human being will not bring the dead back to life, and the safety retribution brings will most certainly not make families feel better about the situation.

People who agree with the death penalty will say death is a better option than life in prison. Of course, many people agree that life in jail is a better option than killing. The solution to this problem will never be satisfactory to society as a whole. There will always be people who disagree with each other, and that is why this problem will never be resolved.

The Ten Commandments say “thou shalt not kill,” which justifies the reason the death penalty goes against the Catholic Church.

Pope John Paul II was a great example of someone who showed mercy and forgiveness. He acknowledged that there has been a growing tendency in the church to demand that the death penalty be restricted or abolished.

Former New York Gov. Mario M. Cuomo says, “The practice and support for capital punishment is corrosive; I believe we should be better than what we are in our weakest moments.” This quotation teaches people that violence is not the solution to every problem.

There will always be arguments that will never be resolved in society. Court cases have sentenced people to death, and many of those people have been proven innocent. People argue that the death penalty remains cruel, and those people remain completely right.

Society as a whole should not have the power to kill each other. Killing remains morally wrong, and the Catholic Church completely agrees.

Alyssa Segretto