Cal Thomas should know that African Americans having survived slavery is an automatic “success.”

His opinions in “Snoop Dogg hit the right notes” are callous, uninformed and misinformed, as is Snoop Dogg’s.

African Americans are like every other American, working and striving to live a full and meaningful life.

Hopefully, the ultimate take on “Roots” is motivating and puts some things in perspective. “Roots” shows African Americans what our ancestors survived and is a statement of our responsibility to live our best lives in respect and appreciation.

“Roots” also hopefully illustrates to the rest of America the numerous tragedies every single African-American family’s ancestors in mass has endured over and over and over again.

Discrimination and racism are exposed and fought because they still exist. We must honor our ancestors plight and fight as we improve our plight with determined height and necessary fight.

Melva L. Vallery


New Orleans