Small Louisiana police departments are packing high-powered, military-grade munitions.

My opinion on some police departments getting old, surplus military items is mixed. On one account, I believe that one should be prepared for anything and everything. I am a Boy Scout, and I was taught to always be prepared. If some departments want to have high-powered rifles and shotguns in their arsenal, I say go right ahead. If not a high-powered rifle then at least a good 12-gauge shotgun. In Louisiana, everyone has a shotgun, so the police should too, right?

On the contrary, I believe that police departments having tanks and grenade launchers are somewhat far-fetched. You can be prepared without being obnoxious and militarized.

Now as for a large military truck, blast-resistant and semi-bulletproof, with 35s on it can be good in the south. In a flood situation, it is good to have a large truck that has a lot of traction, is high off the ground and can withstand natural disaster debris.

I believe that it is good to be prepared to a point, but enough is enough, and tanks are enough. If we need the army, we call them, we do not pretend to be them.

Steven Berger