I have yet to hear a Common Core complainer explain exactly what they don’t like about the content of the standards. Do they wish the standards were easier? (So much for workforce development.) Harder? (Maybe that way more public schools will fail, and we can get rid of the pesky things.) Just different? (What needs to be changed?)

The only complaints I hear are that we don’t like “one-size-fits-all tests” (though the ACT, required of all seniors in Louisiana, sure looks like one), or we don’t like the federal government getting in our business (though, as has been pointed out again and again, the standards were developed by the states and say nothing about specific curriculums, which remain left up to the states).

I am an educator and familiar with the Common Core standards for high school English. One goal of the standards is that students learn to support their arguments using textual evidence. I would really like to see Mr. Jindal and other Common Core opponents use this skill to tell us exactly what is wrong with the standards.

Anne Maverick

school librarian

Baton Rouge