The five biggest headlines from the first week of Saints training camp _lowres

Former Saints kicker Morten Andersen has the club-record with 1,318 points, which came during his time with the Saints (1982-94). He also was a six-time Pro Bowler and played in a Saints record 196 games. (AP Photo/Chris Tilley)

The editorial cartoon by Drew Litton about the man reading Fantasy Football for Dummies and losing is incorrect.

In 1983, I changed jobs and was in an office with 20 football addicts. They decided to play this game and asked me to join in the game to build the pot. I told them I was so ignorant about football I was not quite sure what a quarterback was and had never heard of Morten Andersen.

Peer pressure was great and they told me they would help. Every week, one would help me pick. To their chagrin and my astonishment, I won the pot. They did not ask me to play the next year.

I changed, though. I now read the Sports section and understand it. I also am a strong Saints fan.

Anna MerLe Merritt

retired educator