Re: Letters from union supporters Michael D. Day and the one from Jo Ann Knowles, I do certainly agree that they should be able to have their letters published because we are, after all, the USA and everyone has the privilege of free speech.

If they want to spew their union propaganda, that’s fine.

They are deluding themselves, however.

This is a right-to-work state and will probably always be, so they can write letters about unions until the cows come home and they won’t change the minds of the majority.

Unions are barely holding on. Membership is declining, and the taxpayers are growing weary of footing the bill and being bullied in the process (refer to Wisconsin). As far as for Knowles and her comment about Fox ... she needs to step away from MSNBC and check out polls about how citizens feel about unions.

When I see a letter from Day, I just don’t read it. “ ’Nuff said.”

Judy Keller

retired/nonprofit CEO