Animal testing in cosmetics and other areas has been a very controversial topic for many years. People have protested and raised awareness but unfortunately, it is still used in some places. I think animal testing is completely and utterly wrong. People say that it is OK to use animal testing as a way to test the safety of the products that will be used by humans but they do not think of the safety or well-being of the animals. Would you make your pet, which you consider apart of your “family,” suffer like that? Most people would say no and agree that animal testing should be completely banned.

Many do not know what actually goes on during animal testing and they think it is just as simple as spreading lipstick on the animal’s lips but it is much more cruel and disturbing than people think. In fact, several cosmetic tests involve rubbing and dripping chemicals on the animal’s shaved skin and eyes to see if it causes irritation and they are hardly ever relieved of their pain.

Many people still do not understand why animal testing is so unethical. We are supposed to take care of Earth and its creatures not harm them. Millions of animals go through the pain and suffering of animal testing every year, yet there are an abundance of ways to test products that do not involve the torture of poor animals.

Scientist today have researched ways to test products that leave out these cruel acts and find that it does not cost as much as animal testing and is more beneficial to humans. This research includes computer modeling and human volunteers. With today’s technology, it should be much easier to leave animal testing alone altogether. Thankfully, it is banned in most places, but we still have a long way to go.

It is so much easier to give the animals a good life rather than put them through so much pain. They can feel it just as much as we can and it is hard to believe that some people do not see that.

Leshia Cooper