Once again, President Bill Clinton has proven that he could spin out from any trouble — even for President Barack Obama, who was in deep water in defending his poor economic recovery record, the stubborn high unemployment rate and the alarming, rising national debt that grew from under $10 trillion four years ago to over $16 trillion today because of reckless spending and borrowing.

In Clinton’s keynote Democratic convention speech, he said that given the circumstances of the terrible economic conditions inherited from President George Bush, no president, including himself, could do any better job than President Baracl Obama.

With that speech, he not only excited the Democratic base but also expanded the base in the battleground states by convincing the fair-minded undecided voters to give Obama another chance because he alone was not to blame for the troubled economy. To be precise, with that speech he freed Obama from getting the fatal beating by Romney for the failure of Obama’s economic policy.

Clinton literally changed the campaign issue for Obama, who could now focus on his popular campaign issue that, in fairness, rich people should pay more taxes. This was a winning issue which appealed to young people and many minorities.

It was a big mistake for Mitt Romney not to respond to Clinton’s false claim that given the circumstances no president, including himself, could do a better job than President Obama. As we know, President Ronald Reagan, who inherited President Jimmy Carter’s deep recession and terrible economic conditions, turned it around to get the economy into a big recovery in his first term.

Perhaps Romney didn’t see this was coming because of lack of imagination. Unfortunately Romney’s team was not sophisticated enough to understand the impact of this false spin. In fact, Romney’s campaign team was no match for the Chicago’s way of character assassination Romney was painted as a selfish and greedy rich man, tax evader, outsourcer, and murderer.

To tell the truth, I was glad President Obama won the election and now I can breathe easier. If he had lost by a small margin I don’t know what would have happened to the nation, because I had seen and heard the threatening tone and the scary campaign ads from the president’s side. I became very concerned. They sounded like we are in the Third World. This is not good for democracy and for our nation.

Rather than say President Obama won a second term, Clinton was the one to win himself a third term. He is really and truly a shrewd politician and the best spin doctor the world has ever seen and America has ever produced. What a man!

Chris Hsu

retired state employee

Baton Rouge