My prediction for this upcoming LSU football season: Since the new millennium began in 2000, LSU has made it to the championship football game in the Superdome every time the stadium hosts it every four years at the end of the second odd-numbered year in this millennium.

Going with that, it is now year four; I predict LSU football will have a remarkable year. I have three different predictions for its conclusion: A) LSU makes the title game after winning a semifinal; B) LSU loses the semifinal; or C) LSU makes it to the Sugar Bowl in the rotation of college football playoff sites, but since the Sugar Bowl is off the schedule of playoff matches, it is like going to a major bowl for nothing at LSU’s home away from home.

Now that there is a new college postseason system, it is unknown if LSU will continue to play in the Superdome every four years or just appear in title game, or if both trends stop this year, but LSU has a good pair of quarterbacks, as well as offensive threats, but their defense is roster thinned.

LSU appeared in the Superdome title game after the 2003, 2007 and 2011 seasons. It’s been four years since 2011, and I would be very grateful if LSU got to play a Big 12 team in the Sugar Bowl at minimum.

Benjamin Schexnayder

college history student

Baton Rouge