I am writing in regard to the article in The Advocate titled “Veterans push legislators to fix health care system.” I joined the Army in 1966 and was honorably discharged after a tour in Vietnam in March 1969.

I didn’t apply for veterans’ health care benefits until about 2½ years ago and am currently receiving care from the New Orleans center for PTSD, anxiety, hearing loss, sleep disorder and primary care. From my first appointment to the last on Tuesday, June 24, I have been seen at my appointment time and never been later than 15 minutes after. Prior to the VA, I’ve never had the honor of the doctor coming to the waiting room and taking me to the treatment room. In addition, kudos to the entire staff for their efficiency and courtesy to everyone.

In the article, one veteran complained about the New Orleans and Baton Rouge veterans health care centers. A friend of mine once told me she was getting married to a man that was married twice before. I told her, “Ya think he just had bad luck, or maybe he is the problem?”

As far as the gentleman from Baton Rouge who ran out of blood pressure medicine last November and was bedridden, maybe he should have considered applying for his medication in October. By the way, there is a toll-free number you can call for this type of emergency ... 911. I’ll give odds the VA would pick up the tab.

How about letting up on our local VA health care providers? I think the problem is on the federal level. Let your state legislators handle the problem. If they don’t, then blame them.

Antoine J. “Tony” Thomassie