The free cellphone plan that was introduced in 1984 has been helping Americans who need jobs become able to get them.

They help by providing people with phone numbers that they can put down when applying for a job and make them eligible for jobs that require them to have cellphones to verify their identity.

The program provides basic cellphones to households whose incomes fall beneath 135 percent of the poverty level, which is $32,198 per year for a family of four.

Sen. David Vitter is arguing that this plan is “fraud-ridden”and should be removed. Although there are some problems with duplicates, there have been programs instituted that destroyed 2.2 million duplicates.

Overall, this plan has made the citizens of the United States eligible for more jobs and has given free phones to over 300,000 Louisiana residents, including 36,000 veterans.

I feel that this plan is crucial to the welfare of millions of citizens nationwide and, if removed, would cause hundreds of thousands to be laid off.

Patrick Kern