Daniel Poulin’s letter denigrating Marilyn MacNguyan for her opinion on man and climate is nothing less than ill-founded, illogical and intemperate. He has added not a shred of evidence for or against the idea that man is contributing to global warming and climate change, primarily by burning fossil fuels that release the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

Poulin’s statement that “there’s no scientific proof” for increasing global temperatures or rising sea levels is nothing short of ignorant. I suggest Poulin check local library sources for titles on the subject of global warming. He would find that the East Baton Rouge Parish Library has 98 book titles on that subject, Louisiana State Library 152 titles, LSU Library 730 titles and Southern University Library 3,250,203 titles from books, scientific journals and popular press articles that address both sides of the issue.

While the overwhelming scientific evidence strongly links man’s activities to global warming and rising ocean levels, there are strong anti-science views in this country, such as those expressed by Poulin, that deny the facts. The U.S. education system is often cited for its failure to educate, but failure in science education will lead to far worse than an ignorant and uneducated population.

Gordon Holcomb

retired educator

Baton Rouge