Re: Associated Press’ Melinda Deslatte’s Oct. 3 column, “Barbs replace substance in some races”

I would beg to differ with Deslatte’s analysis of the candidates in the lieutenant governor’s race. She wrote: “Their differences seem to lie more with personal opinions of each other …” than anything else, suggesting all else is comparable.

Even if their political philosophies are similar, which I question, we should take the huge differences in their experience and capabilities into account. Jay Dardenne has been a lawyer with a longstanding law practice who has also served in public office: the Metro Council, the state Legislature and two statewide positions.

He is thoughtful as well as conservative and has been effective at every level.

Billy Nungesser, no college degree, is president of a parish with a tiny (23,000) population. He came out swinging after the BP disaster but, until then, seemed quite comfortable enjoying the presence of the oil industry in his parish.

I don’t recall his ever worrying about the safety or environmental concerns of the oil industry before the BP disaster occurred.

There is clearly a huge difference between the two candidates, and I believe that Dardenne’s greater experience and ability will make him a more effective partner working with the governor to make Louisiana a better place.

Mary Ann Sternberg

freelance writer

Baton Rouge