Regarding James Gill’s column on Sunday, May 24: The title made me take quick pause due to Gill’s inherent bias toward anything from the conservatives in Louisiana or Republican-party based.

Reading the entire column (maybe the headline’s objective), proved me correct once again. When the third paragraph talks about “gun-toting evangelical Republican,” Gill catches in one fell swoop all of his favorite bugaboos.

Then the next choice of words “sanctioned discrimination by business owners opposed to gay marriage on religious grounds.” My goodness, we can’t let some shopkeeper (my choice) hold on to their cherished religious faith! Shame on them for reading the Bible (no doubt while gun-toting on their laps).

Next comes “when bigotry is motivated by faith.” Yep, those nasty Republican bigots. It would be a great state if they would just leave. No, nice try, Gill, but your prejudices come out loud and clear. Thanks so much for keeping my Sunday in order. Any change from your bias would have distressed me to no end.

John White

retired shipbuilder