There are no words to say how angry I am about the LSU decision to give a football coach a half-million-dollar raise! Not a $500,000 yearly salary, but a $500,000 raise.

As a retired nurse practitioner in the LSU Health Care Family Practice Clinic and as a part-time nurse practitioner in the Earl K. Long system, I am both appalled and offended by this decision.

Earl K. Long Hospital, as so many other state hospitals and clinics, has cared for the underserved and indigent people in this state for many years. Now, Earl K. Long, as well as many other state institutions, is being either severely cut or totally deleted because of our wonderful governor and his overpaid staff.

Many people feel, as does our governor obviously, that we should not care for people who are underinsured or not insured. I can tell you as a health-care provider in this system that many of my patients are working two, and some are even working three jobs, and still cannot afford insurance.

I am also extremely embarrassed to say that many of these people work for the same LSU system that has just agreed to this raise. I say let Arkansas have the overpaid football coach, the LSU board and our governor. It is time that we get our priorities straight in this state!

Cathi A. Pourciau

  • urse practitioner

Baton Rouge