I live in the area where petitions are being circulated in an effort to put a proposal on the ballot regarding the creation of the city of St. George. I have lived in this area for over 41 years and am familiar with the issues involved. While I am yet to decide on whether or not to vote for or against the creation of the city of St. George, I am definitely in favor of allowing the people of the proposed city of St. George to vote on whether or not to do this.

It is an insult to see the huge effort by some elected officials and other self-serving mouthpieces who are mightily trying to keep the affected tax-paying residents of this area from simply voting on this proposal. Causing this obstruction is wrong! This is a blatant effort by some to take power from the people by taking away their right to vote on an issue that all started because of an effort to improve a poorly distributed system of schools that are poorly run.

To the interfering politicians and other obstructionists, back off and let the people decide. To the residents of the proposed city of St. George, if you are happy with things the way they are, vote against this proposal. If you are unhappy with things the way that they are, then vote for the proposed city of St. George.

Above all, citizens of East Baton Rouge Parish, at this point in this petition signature accumulation process, be acutely aware that your right to vote is really the issue that is at hand and, for future reference, remain aware of the names of those trying to keep you from voting on this issue. Thousands upon thousands of our brave military have died in the name of freedom in order to let the people decide.

Ronald F. Falgout


Baton Rouge