Did you attend the gubernatorial inauguration celebration? If not, then you are probably not one of the power elite, and John Bel Edwards isn’t your governor. In an egalitarian society, you would think the inauguration would be held in the daytime, in a public place like the Parade Ground at LSU where anyone could come. Instead, it was invitation-only for the top campaign donors and the upper political class. He is their governor, not ours. Those people weren’t there to have a good time; they were there to secure a place at the table and to be seen and connect with others like themselves, to cement their position in the ruling class.

I still hope he will be a good governor, and when he has taken care of his supporters, he will throw a few crumbs to us, the politically unconnected. Don’t count on it.

Ralph Hollister

retired yellow cab driver

Baton Rouge