I find it amazing that a group would want to separate itself from the capital city of Louisiana.

Besides wanting a new school system, what other factors are involved with this idea?

This unincorporated area that we live in receives excellent police and fire protection, as well as great garbage collections. The streets are constantly expanding for everyone’s mobility throughout the area.

When Mr. Rainey and his small group began this process of separation, the initial proposal was to name the area “the new Richmond.” That became too controversial, so his group renamed the area “St. George.” This was a nice phrase that maybe would entice the Catholic constituents (of which I am a member) to be more receptive, as well as tone down any racial overtones among the citizenry.

No matter how you phrase it, race has always been an underlying issue in this push for a separate city.

Rainey’s group brought in a preacher of color from north Louisiana to enhance the image of race neutrality. This issue has always simmered at the core for a new city.

State Sen. Bodi White has been at the forefront in this incorporation effort, and he doesn’t live in the unincorporated area, but is undoubtedly experienced in the area of city separation.

Conflicts never seem to end. You only have to look at Tangipahoa Parish, where the desegregation process continues today, in the year 2015, as the race issue continues.

It isn’t explicitly stated, but it’s there in all the innuendoes, closed-door politics, schemes and motivations of those involved.

I’ve been around for 78 years, served my country in the U.S. Air Force and have seen it all, time and again.

The Raineys, Bodi Whites and others come and go as years go by, and hopefully we will all soon stop separating but come together as human beings who care about the welfare of our fellow man.

We need to separate the “need for a better school system” from the need to separate “because of the school system.” I don’t need a new city and believe most residents feel the same.

Alton A. Duplantier

retired from Texaco

Baton Rouge