As we recently observed racing derby season with the Kentucky Derby , I am heartbroken over the theft of my jockey lawn statue. It stood on my lawn for 25 years until recently.

It was sentimental for several reasons. First, it was a gift from family members soon after a close family death. We even nicknamed the statue in his honor. Second, it reminded me of my childhood when Mother’s cousin was a part owner of the Fair Grounds, and as kids, we would get to visit the race track and pet the horses the week before racing season opened.

I know in the grand scheme of things there are more pressing crimes than this in our area. Nevertheless, it is disconcerting and heartbreaking when someone does something like this. Perhaps the people who took it (had to be more than one — it weighed about 200 pounds) did it without thinking of the consequences, perhaps not. At least I still have my memories.

Agnes Anzalone