I read with great interest Stanley Jacobs’ recent letter to the editor. The only reason Jacobs was able to serve on the LSU Board for 15 years is that he blindly voted along with Jindal’s majority to destroy health care and education in Louisiana. He was not originally appointed by Jindal but remained there because of his willingness to vote for whatever Jindal wanted.

Board members with true concern for the system like Dr. Jack Andonie, Alvin Kimbel, Laura Leach and myself were not reappointed because we could not in good faith vote to destroy the LSU hospital system nor terminate Dr. John Lombardi for doing exactly what Dr. F. King Alexander is now doing, speaking out to save the LSU system and our flagship university.

Seems like Jacobs is now making noise in hopes of being reappointed by the next governor. Nice fellow but he drank the Kool-Aid and like some of the other board members probably regrets his votes that placed EDUCATION and MEDICINE at or near the bottom of the board’s concerns!

We do have great athletics and the highest-paid coaches in the country, if that is any relief for Jacobs and his athletic-minded friends. LSU — great athletics but not known for EDUCATION nor for what was once a great MEDICAL system.

Tony Falterman

retired DA and former LSU Board member