In watching the news, I learned that the sequester is impacting our military National Guard personnel regarding tuition to college.

That is really sad, but what I heard after was just as bad. Sen. Mary Landrieu stated that she would try to work on alternatives, but Sen. David Vitter and Rep. Bill Cassidy stated that President Barack Obama made the problem, so he should fix it. This is sad that our congressional leaders are acting like 2-year-olds. President Obama did not break this on his own.

The fact that our elected officials put themselves in a position that impacts our country, not just our state, by saying he did it and I’m not going to try anything is stupid. What has our Congress come to? All of this partisanship that is happening is ridiculous at best.

Shame on Sen. Vitter. He is supposed to be a veteran in Congress and that’s all he’s got. I pray that some resolution and communication happens between these two torn parties. This is not helping our country or the world. Grow up!

Act like the adults you were voted to be for the people of Louisiana. The blame game is getting you nowhere but out of office, hopefully.

Rhonda Breaux