Why is it that every time there is a horrific act committed by some deranged individual or group of individuals, the response of our government is to invade our lives and erode the rights of honest law-abiding citizens? The Bill of Rights, The first 10 amendments to our Constitution, was added for the purpose of preventing just such governmental invasions and usurpations of our God-given rights.

Both of the major political parties in this country are participants in the eroding of our freedoms. One need only look to the Bush administration and the so called “Patriot Act,” his reaction to 9/11, to see an example. The “Patriot Act” is an attack on the Fourth Amendment and gives the government unprecedented authority to invade the privacy of citizens — whoever they deem to be a threat according to whatever definition of threat they formulate.

If Bush was a statist, and he definitely was, then the current administration is so in the extreme. We can start with the Obama Administration’s so-called National Defense Act, supported by Republicans as well. This act allows the government to usurp a citizen’s right to a fair trial and the writ of habeas corpus. Again, anyone that the government deems to be a threat, according their definition, can now be imprisoned without due process. This was done illegally by President Abraham Lincoln, who imprisoned some 30,000-plus Northern citizens, because they disagreed with his war. It can now be done legally by the government. The current head of Homeland Security defines Christians and firearms owners as the greatest threat to national security. Does that give anyone pause?

Most recently, the Obama administration has tried to further restrict the rights of law-abiding firearms owners. (His proposed restrictions would certainly have had no impact on the nonlaw-abiding.) He did so by using the act of a mentally deranged individual who had no business walking the streets in the first place.

Before those of you who are anti-firearms ownership support such restrictions, you had best consider that if the government is able to usurp any constitutionally guaranteed right, what is to prevent it from usurping any or all others? This propensity has been intimated by the current administration, which has voiced opinions that the Constitution is outdated and needs to be more proactive in regulating the people’s rights.

Bill Rome

retired administrator