What a surprise in a recent Advocate that the Robertses in their “Another View” column insinuate that Paul Ryan is doing the country a disservice by leaving his family in Wisconsin while he holds his seat in Congress and is now the House Speaker.

For two people whose whole lives have revolved around the goings-on in Washington, D.C., (Cokie’s for almost her entire lifetime) it must be impossible to believe a man in such a position of power would want to have his family remain among the great unwashed yahoos in a faraway state like Wisconsin.

All the power, influence and money is now in D.C. or the counties of Maryland and Virginia that surround it, and the Robertses can’t imagine not being in the thick of it.

Politicians, lobbyists, power brokers and hangers-on of every sort make up the world the Robertses inhabit. They could not exist without working and socializing with the beautiful people who run the country and control the taxpayers’ dollars.

A man like Ryan who wants to stay in touch with the real working, taxpaying Americans and see his family raised among them is a relic of the past and a threat to the D.C. establishment. I believe it is an asset to the country and the government that runs it that Ryan is going to keep his family among the real people who work to make America run and who pay the bills.

Maybe by doing so he will better understand what it’s going to take to give the country back to those people and take it away from the cocktail party elite who wield the power in D.C., thanks to people in the media like Steve and Cokie Roberts.

Michael Sellen

retired sales representative

River Ridge