Baton Rouge’s CATS, our often beleaguered transit system, has done something good. Oddly, CATS hasn’t let anyone know about it.

The new Capitol Loop Trolleys, those beautiful, shiny red vehicles that are perfect for downtown workers and tourists alike, come equipped with wheelchair lifts. This should not be kept a secret. It should be shouted to the rooftops so that even more visitors to our city can enjoy this charming mode of transportation around town.

The trolleys run from the State Capitol, the State Museum and the State Library around downtown shops, restaurants, bars and offices, to the Shaw Center, Louisiana Art & Science Museum, the LSU Museum of Art, the Old State Capitol and casinos.

That means all of us, including people who use wheelchairs, have an easy way to get around. This increases the opportunities for our businesses and cultural sites to get more people in their doors.

Twenty-five percent of our country’s population has at least one disability. Improving accessibility makes good business sense.

Let the country know Baton Rouge’s trolleys are ready for everyone.

Barbara Burton

disability accessibility and inclusion consultant

Baton Rouge