While the recent re-election of President Barack Obama is a great disappointment to many people, the war is far from over. The cultural revolution in the United States took generations to triumph and it will take generations to roll back.

Conservatives must look past politics. The great battles will not be political, but rather moral, intellectual and spiritual. The adversary is not just another political party, but another faith, another way of seeing God and, indeed, another way of seeing man. The outcome won’t be decided in Congress, but rather in the schools, the media and the high court.

You see, the sought-after prize is the hearts and souls of the young. Poet Allen Ginsberg boasted, “We’ll get you through your children,” and we are seeing that come to fruition. They are using every means available to them to brainwash our children into changing our culture.

It is the Hitler mindset: If they do not go with us, it does not matter. We already have their children.

In order to win this culture war we find ourselves engaged in, we need not only a determined conservative spirit, to defend what is right about America, but a counterrevolutionary spirit to recapture what we have lost.

To preserve their rights, and their right to live as they wished, the Founding Fathers had to become rebels. We now find ourselves in the same situation if we are to defend and preserve that which they built for us.

And while it seems that there are more of them than us, I refuse to believe that every liberal in this country wants to see our civilization end in captivity. Many will eventually become allied with us and the truth will once again make us free. Many of the young people who have been wooed by the educational system and the media will mature to see the error of socialism. Many conservatives of today were liberals of yesterday who simply grew up.

Rome didn’t fall because it was defeated from without. It fell because it lost its culture. Rome was defeated from within by immigrants who did not understand or accept the Roman culture.

We face a similar situation in America today. A culture is taking root that is hostile to our religions, our traditions and our morality. It is a culture that would surrender us to a world government, thus surrendering our sovereignty.

The enemy has managed to divide us as a nation. Race against race, gender against gender, religious preference, sexual preference, rich vs. poor vs. middle class, pro-abortion vs. anti-abortion.

We have become a nation of one-issue voters. We may be like-minded on everything else, but still hate each other because of one issue; and vote accordingly.

The “divide and conquer” strategy still works. And the country that once was the melting pot of people looking for opportunity has become the melting pot of people looking for handouts.

This war could consume the balance of our lives, but we must raise our children to be strong, smart, independent and resilient against the anti-American lies they will be bombarded with by the enemies of America. The future of this great country depends upon it.

R. Glynn Kelly

postal retiree