My disappointment in The Advocate as our state newspaper grows with each edition. In the May 27 issue the editors state in “Our Views” that the people of this state are “slow learners.” In my mind I keep picturing The Advocate’s editors stomping their little feet and yelling names at us only because we want TOPS to survive. There they go their face swollen and red as they have a temper tantrum.

I would like to congratulate our legislators for not dismantling our TOPS and keeping our children’s future in mind. TOPS is based solely on a student’s performance. This means that my child won’t be rejected just because his mother and I both work. Believe me, my family would appreciate it if we could get some help with tuition provided my child maintains a gpa required by TOPS.

I know the last TOPS reducing legislation suggested we raise the requirements so that we don’t have to help so many kids. The Advocate and the bills sponsor both tell us that it will only be a thousand or so kids and not to worry. I can’t believe my ears. In a state ranked 48th for education and median income, there are people who say you don’t need help to go to a university, trade school or community college.

I believe it is the state and local governments’ responsibility to provide an education for its citizens. We pay our taxes to support our government, and we want something for it.

Bill Salmon

respiratory therapist

Denham Springs