Recently, this paper ran two columns, one column by Edward Pratt about Michelle Obama’s speech at Tuskegee and the other column by Cal Thomas on a conservative view on how to solve the black problems in Baltimore.

Obama spoke of the realities of being black in America while encouraging the graduates to aim high in spite of the racism they will face. Thomas spouted the same old conservative rhetoric we hear again and again whenever racial injustice is mentioned.

As a white man, it is understandable that Thomas will never understand how it feels to be denied a job just because you are black. Yes, some of us have managed to rise above the racism, as he noted in his column in the example of Monica Jaundoo. I just wonder how many whites would be in the black predicament if they would have had to live with obstacles faced by blacks in the past, in the present and, more than likely, in the future.

Merle T. Harris

retired educator

New Orleans