Uncollected tolls?

Oddly, the state spent $365 million to build the La. 1 toll bridge to Grand Isle, but someone — oops! — forgot to include drive-through toll booths located at the entrance to the bridge. As an afterthought and for the convenience of all — someone came up with the idea of off-the-road kiosk toll both.

To pay the toll, a driver must first keep a watchful eye for the rare sign(s) designating the location of the “off-the-road kiosk” where a driver must pull into a parking lot, park, get out of the car, walk, and wait in line on foot to use a kiosk. Oh, and you will need to have your license plate memorized and be able to type it correctly to complete the transaction. The off-the-road kiosk has proven itself a failure as tolls stand uncollected by drivers who, for many reasons, do not stop at the kiosk.

I expect no one is taking credit for the idea of the off-the-road, toll-booth kiosk, and I doubt the idea has caught on elsewhere.

Donna Grodner


Baton Rouge