I love Mardi Gras — even with the traffic, the crowds, all the problems that go with it. But there is one aspect of this amazing celebration that disgusts me.

I live near Claiborne Avenue and Napoleon. There is only one parade that lines up in this area: Iris. Parade day was a beautiful, sunny lightly breezy day — perfect parade weather. As we headed out to catch up with the parade, we turned down Claiborne to see thousands of plastic bags blowing across the neutral ground — thousands upon thousands. No one in sight to even begin to pick them up or try to contain them.

I’ve ridden in parades — I know about getting all the beads and toys unwrapped and set up on the float. But it is absurd that the krewe provides no means of cleaning up — or preventing in the first place — the ridiculous, unnecessary mess of recyclable plastic bags and bead bags littering the street. There are obvious simple solutions which a fourth-grader could provide. I bet many of these ladies recycle at home, how is it acceptable, or honorable, to leave my neighbors’ yards and gardens covered in plastic bags and trash? Personal responsibility is necessary for everyone at this time of year to ensure the enjoyment of all.

Dennery Molnar


New Orleans