I am writing in response to Ben Nabors’ article published on Aug. 26.

It is ludicrous to compare Gov. Bobby Jindal’s decision to defund Planned Parenthood to Donald Trump’s numerous unprofessional and inappropriate comments. Jindal’s decision to defund Planned Parenthood wasn’t about trying to refuse women the right to medical treatment. There are many of other facilities that offer resources similar to those of Planned Parenthood, like pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, which do not “offer” to terminate babies. Supporting the rights of women means to truly and wholeheartedly want the best for them and their livelihoods.

Planned Parenthood’s data claiming that abortions are only 3 percent of the services they offer is misleading because they consider every pregnancy test and ultrasound given as a service offered. These services do not compare to the “service” of aborting a baby. Technically speaking, if Planned Parenthood gave out an aspirin to a woman in pain, they could count it as a service, which would allow them to portray the number of abortions as a far lower percentage of the “services.”

According to the NOLA Needs Peace website, in 2011, 92 percent of the “pregnancy services” Planned Parenthood offered were abortions. Informing pregnant women of their options helps them make a decision for themselves and their unborn babies instead of being in the business of promoting and performing abortions.

Elizabeth Steen Tulane student