What is it that the A schools and districts are doing that those getting the Cs, Ds and Fs are not? How long have they been at their current standings? Why? Is it the teachers? Is it the administrators? Is it the parents? Is it the pedagogy that the teachers are using that is better? Is it the differentiation of teaching to individual students? Is it behavior issues? Is it the socio-economic status of the districts and schools within the districts?

Why has Gov. Bobby Jindal not figured this out? If he and his elected and/or appointed officials have, why have they not shared this with the schools, school boards, teachers and public? What is the answer? Someone knows ? is it a BIG secret, so the A schools continue to stay where they are, and everyone else remains in the bell curve? Why not send officials, not teachers, to observe what is going on in these A schools and teach us teachers and administrators and superintendents what we are doing wrong? Is it a big secret what Zachary does? If it is, then Louisiana will never get any better. If the long term goal is success for all students by improving scores, then tell us what we need to do to get to that A status.

I welcome any official into my classroom to observe me and let me know what I need to do to change to improve all of my students. What is an A school doing different? Provide us with professional development to become that A school. Fund that development. I know my district and every other district wants to be an A school. Tell us the secret, and we can get there.

The people of Louisiana deserve honesty. The parents and students deserve the best.

Susan Ellwood-Herrington