Friday, Sept. 23, my band mates and I performed at A.Z. Young Park for Live After Five. I just had to write to tell you how inspiring it was for me.

I’ve spent 90 percent of my 30-year career touring outside of Louisiana.

In recent years we’ve found that Baton Rouge has developed into a very sophisticated, racially unified, diverse and appreciative community that values live performance.

Yes, it’s a free event, but we never feel exploited when we perform at Live After Five because, even though it’s free, the artist fees are fair and the audience response one of the best in the state.

Many thanks to Mayor-President Kip Holden, Paul Ariggo, The Manship Theater, promoter Johnny Palazzotto and Live After Five talent booker Kerry Ruiz for setting the tone and leading their community toward progress.

Baton Rouge should be proud. I feel great pride in Louisiana when I’m there.

Terrance Simien

performing artist