I just read in Saturday’s Advocate that LSU’s medical schools are taking a big hit from lack of adequate funding. Under democratic forms of government, the people can collectively decide to fix the problem by raising the needed funds through taxation. The chuches can’t do this, the charities can’t do it and the free-market system can’t do this.

The problem we have in Louisiana right now is that our governor has signed a pledge to conservative activist and lobbyist Grover Norquist not to raise any taxes for any reason. If he breaks that pledge, Gov. Bobby Jindal will be banned from advancement in the National Republican Party.

So, I guess the people of Louisiana should personally implore Grover Norquist to give our governor dispensation and allow us to consider raising taxes to save ourselves. We can also ask the kind and benevolent Norquist to let us consider raising taxes to address our Medicaid crisis since a few thousand poor and sick folks will die from lack of adequate medical care.

The omnipotent Grover Norquist can implored at ideas@atr.org.

Alex D. Chapman Jr.


Ville Platte