Should I be concerned about the future of America? I know we’re proud of our right to disagree and it’s obvious we enjoy exercising that right.

I look around and I see grown folks acting like children. I can’t say if Mitt Romney had won if it would have been any different because we have become polarized to each other.

Should I be concerned that we can’t develop a budget without bringing the United States to the cliff of default?

I became worried and mad as heck 13 years ago when the daily business of Washington and the media was nothing but derogatory tirades against our president. And then to really tick me off, when the people joined in like a circle of children cheering the bully in a fight as he beats up a victim. Unfortunately, the kid getting a whooping was America itself.

Maybe a tough examination of our budget or relentless ridicule of our elected leader is a good thing.

But it breaks my heart.

Bill Salmon

respiratory therapist

Denham Springs