More of the same ole, same ole from liberal Steve McMurray in the recent Advocate. McMurray attacks conservative columnist Rich Lowry not with facts, figures and reason but with the tried and true liberal use of personal insults and insinuation.

Lowry is critical of President Barack Obama’s policy, ideology and critical decisions just like millions of other concerned Americans, but what does McMurray accuse Lowry of? Not being on the wrong side of the issues but being “smug, cynical and thoroughly spiteful as he looks down from his supercilious perch.” Then comes the liberal’s ace-in-the-hole accusation; McMurray accuses Lowry of “prejudice,” what a surprise.

When you can’t really find something wrong with a conservative’s argument he MUST be prejudice or what McMurray probably wanted to say — racist. Our country and the world in general have been made much less safe in the last six years because of poor decisions made by McMurray’s choice for president. If McMurray doesn’t believe that, he’s not paying much attention to the real news.

Lowry gives his accurate opinions on what is going on in the world and the country, and if McMurray disagrees that’s fine, but calling Lowry names just shows what liberals have to work with. McMurray ought to just be thankful that FDR was calling the shots during WWII and not Obama, or he may have been fighting the Japanese in California instead of Iwo Jima.

Michael Sellen

retired sales representative

River Ridge